Monday, September 29, 2008

Your choice

Your Choice
Some people tell you if you to go into your own business just for the money (scratch), it’s unrewarding. I disagree. If that is your only motivation, and you handle yourself ethically, I say, go for it. If making money in your own business turns you on, and that is all you want out of your business, I have no problem with it - as long as it does not hurt someone along the way. It’s your business! And it’s your first real decision. I actually think going into business just for the money is a fine decision. Money moves your world. You can do more of what you want with money and you can help a lot more people if you have money. Plus, if you’re going to spend eight to 16 hours of your waking day working, you better be well compensated.
That being said, it does indeed feel good to know that you have helped someone, or a large group of people, with something you helped them get. I like that feeling too.

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